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War Strategy Guideline - Mirror +2

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War Strategy Guideline - Mirror +2 Empty War Strategy Guideline - Mirror +2

Post by Hellraizer on Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:46 am

***please note all new members are expected to donate a minimum of 500 troop donations to be included in war to prevent hoppers. Low th8 and below are expected to donate 200.

War: "Mirror +2 strategy"
- This clan participates in frequent war battles
- You must currently have a minimum of 500 troop donations to be included in wars
- Participation in every war you are included in are mandatory. Members use quite a bit of resources for each war and it is not fair to lose based on a failure to participate.
- Failure to use both attacks will result in being kicked, failure to use 1 attack will result in next war exclusion and a warning. If you miss an attack again, you may be kicked. If you happen to miss an attack for any reason, please speak to a leader in chat, we realize life happens and sometimes you may be forgiven.
- If you don’t think you can fully participate in the war, please OPT out using your clan settings. You may still donate and offer opinions as a spectator.

Clan Mail:
- It is your responsibility to read and understand clan mail. There are often 'tweaks' to current war strategies being sent in clan mails. Failure to follow the information contained in the e-mail may result in disciplinary actions, war exclusion or being kicked.

Mirror +2

First Attack
- You will use your first attack against your war map mirror +2. So if your map # is 11, your first attack is on 13.
- All first attacks must be in within the first 12hrs of war
   - If you fail to use your first attack on your target during the first 12hrs, your target base is now open for others to clean. This may make it more difficult for you to gain the min required (2) stars necessary for next war inclusion.
- The last two members on the map should use BOTH attacks ASAP on already attacked bases for stars and practice. It is in your best interest to attack right away so you have the best possible chance of getting some stars which will ultimately help with your personal stats.

Second Attack
- Your second attack will be using the bottom-up strategy (see below for details)

Minimum Star Requirement:
- You are required to collect a minimum of 2 new stars to be included in next war
- Those who fail to collect 2 stars will be in the exclusion list and may be excluded from the next war should we have too many members to start a war
- The last 2 members are excluded from the min star requirements because they have no targets
- The top 2 members may also be excluded from this requirement

War Map CC Donations:
- Usually the members with the highest level troops possible will be donating to the War Map CC
- Please read the requested donations before donating.
- Any troops donated to War CC's do not count towards your overall troop donation numbers.

War Donations:
- Please donate ONLY what's being requested
- If a MAX troop is requested, please ensure your troops are at it's MAX training level (with flames)
- Due to a clan perk, each troop you donate will increase 1 level. So if someone requests level 5 wizards, and you currently have level 4 wizards, you may donate because they will 'up' a level.

War Requests:
- You may request any level of troops for a war attack. Please specify in your troop request that it is for war
- If the request for troops is NOT for a war attack, you may only request the level of troops you can cook yourself. Those donating to your request may donate higher level troops if they desire

Bottom-up in Detail:
- The bottom-up strategy is for your second attack only!
- You must attack the highest possible base you can guarantee a 3-star win
- The top 5 members are asked to withhold using their second attack as long as possible so they may decide where its best to attack while considering what is left  
- These bases are a first come first serve basis, so if you only managed 1 star on your first attack, it would be in your best interest to attack (an already attacked base) ASAP. Otherwise you may find yourself stuck attacking bases which are too strong for your troops, possibly resulting in failing the min. star requirements.

2 New Stars:
- Is defined as stars which will be added to the clans overall number of stars won
- So if you attack a base which has already been 2-starred, you must 3-star this base to earn 1 'new' star

Next war Exclusions:
- There are times when we need to exclude players from war since COC only allows numbers by 5. (10,15,20 etc.)
- In order to meet that requirement the following is what's considered,
   1) First we check to ensure everyone attacked their proper target
   2) Secondly we look for number of stars won
   3) Thirdly we look at your destruction % through both your attacks.
***So if you attacked your designated target (+1), gained the min. 2 stars required, the person(s) with the lowest destruction % will sit first
Please don't get angry, or pout if you're excluded. It's really not that big of deal, and it's certainly nothing personal.

Once you have read this, in is entirely, please type the codeword 'warstrat2017' in chat. A clan member may ask you what the war strategy codeword is at some point, you are expected to type the codeword immediately. Failure to do so may result in being kicked!

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