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Clan Rules and Promotion Requirements

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Clan Rules and Promotion Requirements Empty Clan Rules and Promotion Requirements

Post by Hellraizer on Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:12 am

General Rules:
1. Please be respectful to others
2. War participation is required
3. Troop donations are required
4. We are all here to help. If you're not sure about something, ask
5. Follow direction of the Leader and all Co-Leaders
6. All new members are expected to donate a minimum of 500 troop donations to be included in war to prevent hoppers. Low th8 and below are expected to donate 200
7. Have fun!

- All members must be respectful to every peer
- Issues with members should be brought to the attention of leaders ASAP
- Excessive profanity will not be tolerated
- Chat is a great way to offer constructive criticism, ask questions, learn and discuss attack ideas and strategies. Use it often!

General Donations:
- All members are expected to donate on a near ratio of 1:2. This means for every 1 troop you donate; you may receive 2 troops in return. This is, in part, calculated by your Clan Castle size. Understanding you can only donate 6 troops, respectfully, at a time - yet receive 15-20 in return. Those with <lvl4 troops may be tolerated with a lower ratio as most members request higher level troops.
- You may be warned by a member, or leader at some point to 'up' your ratio. You are in essence being warned to donate more troops. Failure to comply to the request of leaders may result in being kicked from the clan
- War Clan Castle troop donations do not appear in your donation ratio. If you are a high war donator, you may be forgiven for a slightly lower ratio. This is up to the discretion of leaders.
- Please read what is being requested before donating! There is a strategic reason that member has made their particular request. Donating something else, fills spots which inhibits them from receiving the troops they require for an attack or defensive purposes.
- Leeching troops are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated in any way!

Exempt Donations:
- There are two (2) Exempt Donations where requesting troops that you cannot cook yourself is accepted:
1. War: If you are requesting troops for a war attack you may request any troop required for a successful attack. And,
2. Events: During special events, where the event may include troops that you cannot cook yourself, you may request
** Please ensure you add "for war" or "for event" in your troop request otherwise it may be ignored

- Leaders and Co-leaders reserve some right to use discretion when promoting members.
- There are four ranks:
1. Members: Clan members are expected to socialize in chat and donate troops often. Everyone is expected to participate in war – failure to do so will result in a demotion or being kicked from the clan.

- Member Expectations:
A. Be active
o Donate at least 100 per league period
o Be in a league (i.e. no gray shields)
o Regularly collect your mines/collectors
o Regularly upgrade your troops, defenses and/or buildings.
B. Maintain a donation:receive ratio of 1:2
C. Donate only what you can make - don't ask for dragons if you can't make dragons yourself (the exception to this rule is during a war).
D. Use both attacks during Clan Wars!
E. Be friendly to other clan members.

2. Elder: An experienced clan member who consistently helps the clan through donations, tips to others, active participation in clan wars, following leader and Co-leader direction, adhering to the strategies etc.  

- Elder Expectations:
A. Meet member expectations
B. Donate 250 troops per league period.
C. Offer advice / guidance to junior members as needed.
D. Be a "regular" on clan chat.- welcome new clan members- share replays- offer tips to other players.
E. Invite and accept join requests from qualified players when open
F. Kick out disruptive hoppers

3. Co-leader: Co-leader is the title for a clan member that has earned the utmost trust of the clan Leader.  Donation numbers or, your experience level, does not automatically grant you a Co-leader status.  For # Canada, being a Co-leader is about being able to manage clan activities, enforce rules providing input to clan decisions (such as going to war), offer strategies, opinions and suggestions, have a vested interest in creating an overall better clan etc...  This is a role that will be granted to just a select few

- Co-leader Expectations:
A. Same expectations as Elder.
B. Accept join requests from qualified players.
C. Promote and demote Elders.
D. Send clan mails to the whole clan as appropriate - advice, tips, reminder of rules
E. Kick out clan members, especially disruptive hoppers.
F. Create War strategies
G. Communicate with all members
H. Help to solve disagreements
I. Maintain a structured clan

4. Leader: There can only be one Smile

Expectations for Promotion:

1. Must be part of the clan for at least 15 days.
2. Follow ALL clan member expectations
3. Must donate at least 500 troops per week. Maintaining a 1:2 ratio
4. Must at least have level 4 troops (archers, giants)
5. Must be active in chat
6. Must follow all clan rules
7. Welcoming and informing new members of our rules/war rules when joining.
8. Be respected by fellow clan members.
9. Active and good in every war, always use both attacks and follow the war strategies

1. Never request Co-leader promotion. Only those well trusted by the leader and other Co-leaders will even be considered!
2. First reach Elder rank following all Elder expectations
3. Be trustworthy & dedicated
4. Good in war
5. Donate a lot
6. Participate in every war, using both attacks, following the strategy, donating to war CC
7. Have excellent communication: Communicate with leader and members a lot, able to follow orders and discuss actions, keep members' morale up
8. Be able to help strategize in wars
9. Be able to lead members into war if leader or fellow co-leaders are unable
10.Maintain a high level of professionalism and assistance with all members

Once you have read this, in is entirely, please type the codeword 'clanrules2017' in chat. A clan member may ask you what the war strategy codeword is at some point, you are expected to type the codeword immediately. Failure to do so may result in being kicked!

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